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Make A Wish of Minnesota

Thanks to the many who participated in our golf tournament, We were able to raise over $8,000!

In keeping with our general philosophy we have decided this year to donate almost all of these proceeds to another wonderful organization that holds a special place in our hearts.

Make A Wish of Minnesota

We have chosen this foundation, again because we know personally the good they do.

Sammy was granted a wish, it was a BIG wish, she had wanted to go to Paris. We met with the Make a Wish Team, and they took it from there, finding the necessary sponsors, and doing all the planning. Sammy often spoke of the trip that “was to be”. During her stem cell transplant, one of her nurses was trying to teach her French. One of her primary Dr.s who just happened to be going there, brought her back a beautiful silk scarf. The thought of this wonderful trip kept her mind off of many of the things she was enduring. Even though Sammy’s Paris trip was not to be, we are still so thankful for the hope that Make A Wish gave her, and the much needed distraction they provided. We are thrilled to be able to help grant a wish to another child that is so well deserving. Keep posted for more details!

We are constantly striving to find ways to bring comfort to children battling cancer, One of our newest brainstorms is providing Blanket Buddies to local hospitals. Blankets can often bring great comfort, especially during procedures that no one else can go into with a child, Blankets can be a piece of home, they hold in them memories and smells from home. They can hold tears and screams and fears like no other, and they can remind a child they are not alone, The best thing is they can bring almost anywhere in the hospital.

We would like to thank Kay Gumm of Roseville for donating to us over 40 new beanie babies to help get this program off the ground! If you know of anyone interested in donating fabric, beanie babies or better yet their time, let us know!


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